Signs From Our Angels

You hear “time heals everything” though this is true, I don’t think missing someone goes away. The awful grief & pain may cease however the memories and feelings don’t. While there are waves we will go through when it comes to grief, there are many fun light hearted ways we can connected with those who have passed.


In this physical realm we tend to naturally make things a lot harder or heavier to grasp. I find this to be true with receiving confirmation from our angels, ancestors, god, higher power, or higher self. It is almost as if we tend to self sabotage to keep us safe…

What if being connected didn’t have to be scary, heavy, or emotionally draining? 

Well it doesn’t! Over and over our angels have given ideas to make there signs/confirmation a fun interaction. By creating a fun dynamic Between us and spirit doesn’t mean we lose the sacred flow of communication. 

It simply opens our heart for a higher frequency which in turns creates a stronger connection to spirit.  Take the time to be playful with spirit. You deserve it. 

I know our loved ones send signs of love in the small simple memories that pop into our head. Many times we are so focused on trying to have “big” experiences with those who have passed. Honestly, it is as simple as a memory that comes to mind. There is love and acknowledgement that they are aware of us.


Time and time again I am brought back to my sweet grandma. What I wouldn’t do to listen to the same stories over and over. Hug her tiny little body or buckle her in the car.

She made us all feel so loved and so Important. The bread creations, birthday sleepovers, my dance cheerleader, and so much more. She was such a great example of love and light. She loved the Lord and she loved her husband. Never did she forget to add God into her life. She was such a shining light.

Even though I know she is so happy and is still around to help the family, I still  miss her. Every time she comes to my mind or a memory of her comes to mind, I know she is with me. Giving me strength and showing love.

Signs From Our Angels

I miss my grandma like crazy. It’s the tiny things that put a smile on my family the tender mercies each time a memory comes up.

I feel so blessed and SO grateful to have had so much time with her. She made the world

a better place and will continue to do so.

I so love you grandma.


I have felt her strong connection in many different ways. I share these ad examples to open your mind and heart to finding light hearted connection that feels right for you. There are times she makes herself known, while other times I am setting the intension for her to be near.

  1. As I went to visit her grave after she passed; I was greeted with two huge butterflies dangling around each other. I felt a deep sense of confirmation that this was her way of showing she was beyond happy to be reunited with my Grandfather. 
  2. We grew up watching Shirley Temple at grandmas house. “Run River Run” will always bring my grandmothers presence to me. There have been times I have been really low or sad and this song will play from my phone. This has been such a powerful confirmation.
  3. I have felt her presence bringing peace to my heart. All of a sudden it hit me like an ocean wave. I knew without a shadow of a doubt she was in the car with me. 
  4. When I buy cereal she would have, I bring her energy into my space. Take a bite of cookie crisps will always bring a smile to stuffed face as I remember our sleepovers with every bite. 
  5. Recently I see Fern plants being sold everywhere (her name is Fern) as I walk into the store I feel her with me as we pass the Ferns. 

I hope you have felt a new sense of connection with your loved ones. Finding fun and creative ways to bring connection really brings a new sense of joy and magic in life.

Love & Light,