Hi, I am Jenn

I am a wife, dog mom, daughter, sister, aunt, writer, videographer, and I am a spirit medium. Yes, that is right… I have the gift to connect to our loved ones on the Other Side.

I knew as a kid I could connect with angels. Although connecting to angels has been a part of me, it has not always been easy to accept. It took years to integrate as my life path.

At times, I would open myself up and then shut down. I felt forced to stop sharing and exploring my spiritual gifts because it wasn’t “normal or accepted” Every time I stopped myself from exploring and using this gift, I felt dead inside. I went to college, worked many different jobs, I even moved to another state, yet I still felt something was missing. I was not happy.

I felt a HUGE part of me was missing. When I was open to this gift, without fail spirit would send those who were ready to finding healing from deceased loved ones. As I used this gift, I found purpose, excitement, trust, and confidence.

I felt alive. This was my purpose.

Childhood As A Medium

As a child, I felt as though angels were watching me all the time. There was a constant unseen presence day and night.

I felt them while playing hide and seek in the basement, walking to meet a friend, walking past houses, ect. It freaked me out! I felt nervous and anxious all the time.

I would talk to fairies as a child, as I look back, those fairies were my angels helping me understand more about this unique gift.


Teen Years

During high school, the presence of Angels got stronger. I would feel and hear footsteps running around the house, the bedroom door would always open, I had a sense of knowing when someone was there. It was as if I could hear someone breathing.

Once again, it freaked me out. I shared with my mom what was going on and she helped me understand many of my family members (past and present) had the gift to connect with those who have passed on.

I felt a sense of peace knowing I was not alone. While in high school a friend’s mother passed away. She came to me in dreams and feelings.

Her presence helped me learn what it felt like to connect to love and light from the Other Side.


Hearing The Call

After high school, I spent some time teaching English in China. During my time away I felt a lot of fear and doubt about many areas of my life.

My brother (who also can connect to deceased as well) read a message he got from my grandparents. Everything he spoke of rang true to my soul. I knew everything he said was true.

Jenn Gilbreth-medium

I had not shared anything with family and yet the message answered and gave support to every area where I was feeling fear and doubt. Darkness was made light. I had no doubt; he had received a message from them. It was full of love, enlightenment, and healing. I knew how powerful healing messages could be. I knew then, I would be sharing messages such as these.

My Purpose

If we have this life to live, why play it safe? Why allow fear and doubt to run the show? I am done playing that game… I choose to live. I choose to feel alive. I choose to share this amazing gift with others.

My purpose as a spirit medium is to share messages that increase faith; in God, A Higher Power, or even in Oneself while providing peace, healing, and comfort.

Along with helping others step into spiritual gifts in a safe comfortable and light filled environment.

Jenn Gilbreth-medium

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Blessed By Angels

Are you interested in connecting to the spirit realm?

Have you felt there is more to life than what has been experienced?

Are you ready for a reading in which you will receive messages from beyond?!?

If you are feeling the call, this is an invitation to check out Jenn’s offerings to assist you.

During sessions loved ones come through offering validation and sharing messages of what they wish they knew in life and what they are learning now. Just as we would want to share with our family, I find they are very eager and excited to share with us.

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