Blessed By Angels- A Memoir of a Medium

Astonished, I sat on our navy blue comfy recliner, unable to put words into what I was experiencing. I was having a full-blown conversation with my grandpa on my dad’s side. This was strange for two reasons. First, my grandpa always mumbled. I never actually knew what he was saying. The second reason this was strange was that grandpa had passed three days ago.

My experience with death was limited at the age of seven. Just a week prior, I was walking into the hospital to say goodbye. The physical body I had seen days earlier was no longer holding him back. He was different. A week ago his body was suffering, now his spirit was so full of light. He emulated pure hope and happiness. He was free. I was overcome with my grandfather’s love. After that experience, as unknown as death was, it intrigued me to the very core.

This is my journey of hearing a call deep within my heart to embrace my gifts as a medium. My story of being forced into the shadows of my soul to heal deep religious wounding. My story of soul lessons I learned along the way while delivering messages from beyond.

Blessed By Angels- A Memoir of a Medium

Sneak Peak of What to Expect

  • Memoir of Jenn’s experience navigating her spirit gifts starting at childhood.
  • Angel Messages scattered throughout each chapter. 
  • Testimonials of those who have had session with Jenn.
  • Soul provoking messages to help you navigate this human experience. 

Behind the Scenes