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Upcoming Free Resources

It is Jenn’s passion to help others navigate this human journey. There will be some free resources that have changed Jenn’s connection to the spirit realm. Stepping into your spirit gifts, learning to connect to the spirit realm, or finding peace with a souls passing will be a few of the points these free resources touch upon. 

Automatic Writing- Blessed By Angels

How to connect deeper to the spirit realm through writing. Automatic writing is a great way to develop and strengthen claircognizance.

This tool can be extremely effective to surrender and allowing spirit to share messages with you. This can open a powerful tool to receive insight for yourself. This is a great way to better understand yourself. Automatic writing is fun and simple. 

Spiritul Gifts- Blessed By Angels

We have the chance to discover our true identity, which goes beyond our physical characteristics, social status, or personal experiences. This realization transcends our body, mind, and emotions.

Rather than being defined by our stories or traumas, we can recognize that we are much more than that. It is within this remembrance, that we access the divine gifts we came here to share and experience.

Souls Transtion- Blessed By Angels

During a soul’s transition from the physical to the spirit realm, each soul moves through the rainbow bridge. In this space, they are greeted with much support, love, and light from those who have come before. These loved ones remind them of their higher divine infinite being. They offer the courage to look at this physical journey as a period of growth and soulful lessons learned. This class is breaking down Jenn’s understanding of a souls profession as they cross over. 


What to Expect

Pre-Recorded Video Lessons

Listen to pre-recorded videos at your own convenience. These videos varies depending on the subject matter covered. You will have unlimited access to video series per class.

Online PDF Workbook

You will receive access to an online PDF workbook. These workbooks will work in tandem with the video series along with adding extra bonus materials to dive deeper. 

Guided Meditation

Every class will include at least one guided meditation. You will get a feel for how you best connect to the spirit realm using your senses. 

Interactive Questions

In each PDF there are inspired questions. Each of these questions acts as an access point to the spirit realm and your higher self. Some of the most profound understands a soul can receive is through reflecting and writing. 

Online Community

You will receive an invitation to join The Modern Sages Soul Tribe on facebook. This is designed to be a safe space to explore spirituality with life minded individuals. 

Client Testimonials

Classes Coming Soon

Jenn is excited for upcoming classes in 2024. Fill out the form below to stay informed on upcoming classes and events. 


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