The Sting Of Grief

As I have been reflecting on the last two sessions, I am filled with such a humble heart. I feel blessed to be a part of such soulful healing.

As I always say, this work isn’t about me, it is the Great Divine parting in such beautiful healing to those I work with. I am so blessed and am full of gratitude.

I have a new respect and reverence for this human journey. I have recently met with multiple women who have undergone such devastating trauma.

Many spend time watching movies and shows about death and trauma. Brings those watching, through a puddle of tears, to appreciate the meaning of life.

We think to ourselves, “wow that was a great show, it has me in tears, I couldn’t imagine.” We think to ourselves, wow this can’t be real.

And yet, those deviations and traumas are real for some.

  • To the single mom whose husband left her, leaving her broke, alone, and solely responsible for four children. I see you.
  • To the couple who spent 4 years battling infertility and lose their rainbow baby 8th months in.
    I see you.
  • To the man who lost his husband without any known reason. I see you.
  • To the woman whose husband suddenly passed three weeks before the birth of their first child. I see you.
  • To the children who watched their father overcome cancer to be taken from a car crash two days later. I see you.

I am reminded every day, of how sacred and yet how heavy this life can be. Many are given situations that don’t seem fair or even “real life”. No one knows how to help when someone is grieving. There are never the right words to share. I have found love to be the only answer.

Whether you feel alone, afraid, or swallowed up in grief. Your prayers and thoughts are heard. You will not be left alone to burden this pain alone. You have angels, ancestors, and guides cheering you on in spirit.

You are divine.

You are connected to the oneness of the great creator.

You are the great creator and the great creator is you.

You are connected to your loved ones in spirit. Before you came here, you were with them.

You may feel lost and alone.

I am here to say, you are heard. You are loved. You will never be left alone. In those darkest times, your soul is seeking and screaming for a greater connection. That connection is the connection to your higher self. Reminding you are so much more than this physical realm. You were before and you are after this journey.

I have attached two of my all-time favorite songs to help bring comfort and peace in those times of great devestation and grief.

In such dark and trying times, I am sending you honor and respect. I am holding a sacred space for your journey. Your journey matters. You matter. This life is worth living. Live to honor those who cannot physically walk the world with you.

Sending All My Love,

Jenn Gilbreth

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