Heaven. Birth. Babies.

I receive a lot of life-changing insight during sessions; this topic is one of my favorites to share. I find myself hesitant to share such sacred information. However I know how healing this message has been and will be to many more. I share insight from my experiences with those who have passed on.

“Welcoming a loved one home is such a sacred and special time. We know just how important it is for someone crossing over to be welcomed home with love, positive vibes, and support.”

These were some of the words a deceased mother shared with her daughter. Her mother began acknowledging events in which she was present in spirit during her daughter’s adult life.

“I was there to send off all three of your babies. There is not a more sacred moment than watching you become a mother. I love being there to welcome loved home however being a part of birth is something I really cherish.”

I saw a delivery room full of people. It was full of the hospital staff along with family members, alive and deceased. The anticipation of sending a new life into the world was incredible.

The mother showed me where she was in the delivery room. She was sharing love and relief for the baby, mom, and hospital staff.

There are many angels giving support to each baby. It is a unique experience to officially be combined with a body.

Every baby, no matter the circumstance, has angels assisting in the hospital room.

“Saying goodbye to each spirit is so bittersweet. We are excited to assist and watch them grow, yet it is sad to say goodbye, even if for a short time.”

This message was my first real-time experiencing what the birthing process looked and felt like from the other side. It was so eye-opening for both of us.

The mother continued to share, “Watching my baby hold her baby, is something I will never forget. To witness a new pure unknown love, enter my daughter’s heart, with each baby born. Watching the parents fall in love with their new little one is the best part.”

Tears filled her daughter’s eyes as her mother acknowledged the complication of her second child. He was born early and needed extra assistance while his lungs developed fully.

The weeks following his birth were hard on the mother. She was released to go home while her baby stayed for extra attention.

I was then shown each baby in the hospital was surrounded in a circle of angels. The angels held the powers of heaven. They were bringing forth healing, companionship, and added help for the staff.

I saw angels working alongside the doctors and nurses. I saw the angels placing light into the hospital staff. It seemed as if they were giving them added strength and clarity to know what each baby needed.

Some of the clarity came as a deep knowing, while others came as simple, insignificant thought.

“In those moments, you physically could not be there with your son. He was never alone. We were there.”

This session opened my eyes to see just how involved our loved ones are. Whether it be losing a loved one or gaining a new family member, Our angels are present offering love, support, and excitement.

For those who have lost loved ones before experiencing life-changing moments, Your angels were there. They will always be there.

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