Inviting The Sacred Into Life

Preparing for and delivering messages to others is absolutely rewarding. Preparing for each session takes time and alignment. As I am preparing to share messages for others it helps me align myself. Having that been said, it is easy to only take time to align when I am going to have a session for someone else.

That is one of the easiest traps to fall into. When preparing to serve someone else, it is necessary to align and prepare to be able to deliver the purest form of the message. It is equally as important to set time aside for self-discovery and growth. To be at full capacity for others, I need to be at full capacity myself.

For those who are highly sensitive, it is so easy to take on other energy around. This can cause the body to shut down or have major burnout. A lack of motivation, depression, detachment from life, and a lack of self-love can easily show up.

It is vital, for our soul’s existence, to take time for sacred and holy.

Not only is taking time to connect within, meditation, and prayer effective… I am a firm believer that everyone would benefit from participating in sacred ceremonies.

What Is Sacred Ceremony?

A sacred ceremony is a powerful healing experience to mark and celebrate a new beginning, a life-changing event, or an ending in a certain area within a soul’s journey.

There are major life changes in which we experience sacred ceremonies. However, this is not the only sacred ceremony we can partake in.

A Sacred ceremony can be intimate and personal or experienced with others. It can be simple or complex.

When we can take time to create a sacred ceremony we are calling upon divine assistance to help release and refill to a new life, a new or being, a new moment forward.

The Beautiful Cacao Ceremony

Shaman Candace, my medicine woman, and business partner facilitated the most beautiful cocoa ceremony.

A Cacao Ceremony is a celebratory ritual that opens the heart through the use of cacao.  Traditionally, Cacao Ceremonies have been conducted by the Maya and Ancient Aztec civilizations. These ceremonies were conducted by shamans.

This ceremony was absolutely connected and so beautiful. As I was infused by the powerful plant Medicine of cacao, laughter swept over my body. I felt my little girl dancing, laughing, and singing. She was so happy and so free.

When preparing for cacao, I wasn’t sure what to expect. Honestly, I wasn’t sure I would feel anything. I was wrong.

The power of this plant medicine was straight to the point and so playful. I felt a light insight myself I have been missing. As I child I shut down my sense of belonging.

I have preceded the world in the light that I needed to be serving others to have value.

In my mind, I could see fairies dancing on the palms of my hands. As they danced upon my hands, they left sparkling fairy dusk.

I  placed this fairy disk over my eyes. I was infusing my physical and spiritual sight with magic. It was liberating. I felt a part of me come home.

In this ceremony, it was made known that just being me is what my soul is longing for. I was surrounded by love and compassion. I felt my heart and creation center connect in a deeper and grounded way. Even after this ceremony, I have been feeling such a new magic view of life.

Simple Yet Power Ceremony

Making time for sacred doesn’t have to always be a huge ceremony. Creating space for the sacred is all about intention. This is a time of letting go and rebirth to a new sense of who one truly is.

It also opens a beautiful space to allow sacred beings into our space. Here is a podcast all about scared ceremony.

One of my favorite simple ceremonies/ rituals is taking a bath. I love using bath bombs, oils, dried flowers, and salts. As I spend time WITHOUT my phone, I find myself taking deeper breaths and listening to the beat of my heart. This allows for the perfect space to connect within and recharge my spirit.

I have started using Mug-wart to help open my spiritual senses even more. Lighting a Mug-wart Incense or drinking a cup of Mug-wart tea as actually really worked for me. This has been such power way to heal. 

If you are feeling like you need a little boost, Give Sacred Ceremony A try!
I am sending you honor and respect. I am holding a sacred space for your journey. Your journey matters. You matter. This life is worth living. Live to honor those who cannot physically walk the world with you. If you are feeling like you need a little boost, Give Sacred Ceremony A try!

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