Navigating Grief & Disappointment

Since moving back to Utah, I have felt a deeper connection to my ancestors. It has been a soul longing experience of sadness and let down. The moment the thought, “this isn’t all my anger and sadness” came to my mind a woman appeared in the corner of my room.

As I acknowledged her existence, I told when she was ready to be heard I would be there. The more I brought healing into my own sadness, the closer she got to me. Showing me who she was. My great great grandmother Ingrid.

She has been along for the healing journey and the reclamation of deep soul lessons. As those pieces come back to myself, they come back to her as well. In this podcast episode, I invited her in and channeled messages that she wanted to share.

I just see Ingrid coming in standing next to me saying

“How proud she is of us honoring our own journeys.

Regardless of what your ancestors went through to get to where you are now,

They want us to be proud of them and vice versa they are proud of us.

We don’t have to live the exact same life they did,

In-fact they don’t want us too.

They ultimately want us to live a life that we are called too.

Please Please Please don’t let the past ancestors or what they gave up and sacrificed for to stop you from living your own truth.

Open your heart and your mind and your voice to share that wisdom.

Regardless of what they gave up, they gave up for you to have freedom to chose yourself.

I would do it all over again, I am proud to see where my family has gone and what they have accomplished

It was my journey and I honor that.

I also honor your journey and where you need to  go and express yourself.

 It is important to follow that.

When you look back, as I am, and see they heart centered choices you made now,

and the affect I has on four generations after you.”

It all starts from listening to the call of your heart and taking aligned actions.

I cannot help but feel that I was being prepared for this connection long before it actually happened. This past year, I have dived deep into herbs, tinctures, and cultural rituals. Reading this story brought chills to my body as I feel even more connected with her. It feels as through I am activating memories that left with her human experience. It has been such a soul tingling experience that I am forever grateful for.

Thank you Ingrid for your love and connection. I cannot wait to allow you to be apart of this journey. I feel so honored.

Navigating Grief & Disappointment

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