Spiritual Gifts

Have you felt a shift going on? You might be experiencing a deepening of your souls remembrance of why your here! This will have a direct effect on your spiritual gifts.

The Journey Of Remembrance

We are a spirit being full of infinite divine light; before coming to this meat suit of a human. Having a connection to spirit is who we are. 

When we drop down into this world, we forget that divine light is who and what we are infinitely sourced from. We have been taught to “keep sacred experiences to ourselves.” Within our DNA, many who came before  were killed and persecuted for sharing spiritual experiences; any form of spiritual awareness is weird, misunderstood, and even mentally unstable. 

This just shows how disconnected we become in this human experience. Our journey is to remember who we are and why we are here. There is not one size fits all when it comes to navigating through spirituality. There is no secret recipe for staying connected to the heart center. 


We all come here to forget and remember. Surrender and release old patterns of how things should be. In this deep soulful search for purpose, many are being called right back to the roots of where they came from; the realm of the spirits. Everyone has spiritual abilities. This spiritual communication is nothing more than an expression of being connected to a source of energy. 

  1. Are you holding back or limiting your connection to spiritual gifts?  
  2. What have you been patterned to believe about having a spiritual connection? 
  3. What does your celestial spirit want to tell you about your connection?

Automatic Writing

Automatic writing, also known as psychography, is the practice of connecting into a higher source of wisdom. This can be experienced as a deep connection within your higher consciousness or with spirit around you. 

Many find that during  automatic writing, they are put into a trance. During this trance the left brain, the analytical aspect, is frozen or quieted. This gives the right brain, or the free flowing spiritual aspect, a space to fully be expressed and heard. 

Psychologists and spiritualists have varying beliefs about automatic writing. Some argue it is sourced from the unconscious mind, and others believe that it connects to supernatural forces such as spirit guides and angels.

I believe it can be both. I have experienced both of these play out in my spiritual practice. In fact, automatic writing was the way I got started with channeling. It was the first courageous step forward. 

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