With the holiday season on the horizon, there can be a lot of mixed emotions when it comes to celebrating when our loved ones are no longer physically with us.

A huge misconception that we may seem to have, is that we have to have these big AHA spiritual experiences to know our ancestors are around.

When in reality, it’s the little things every day. Here are four ideas of how to connect to your ancestors over the holiday season.


When we set time aside each day to slow down and connect to our spirit, it can raise our spiritual connection.

Taking time to breathe, Pray, Read Scripture, Mediate, listen to uplifting music, etc. These are all activities that will help us feel grounded in the physical realm, aligned with light and love, and open a connection to the creative flow of spirit.

Have a pen and paper on hand and write whatever is coming to your mind without question. This is a great way to bring what you are experiencing in spiritual to the physical form.

2. Asking For A Sign

We are physical and spiritual. Many times we need a physical confirmation of a spiritual concept.

When we can give ourselves permission to ask for messages, ask for signs, ask for guidance. We are opening up the door for unlimited possibilities. A message that has come many times during sessions is to make it a game out of it.

We can ask for a specific loved one to send a specific sign. Maybe it’s a butterfly, Hummingbird, a certain song, or maybe a white pumpkin.

This is a fun and light-hearted way to feel that spiritual connection. It is important to not spend all your time seeking out the answer.

All you need to do is focus on being fully present in the moment and be open for the magic to unfold. Once again we are physical so at times it brings more peace when we can have some physical show up to confirm our loved ones are around

3. Fully Being Present

Turning off the screens during the holidays can be the perfect way to have a heart-to-heart connection with those around you.

When we are fully present with our loved ones, we open our hearts to feel that heart-to-heart connection. It is within this heart-to-heart connection we can feel our ancestors’ presence more fully.

Our heart center allows us to know that we are truly connected to that divine love. That is an access point for the divine love our ancestors are engulfed within.

4. Writing Letters Of Memories

Another tool to feel connected to your ancestors is writing memories or writing a letter to them.

When we can remember and look back on the fun, the memories, the joy that we experienced, this can open a gateway for us to be engulfed in that infinite love they are experiencing.

This can help us feel their presence along with honoring them by keeping a record of their life.

Our ancestors will be here to celebrate the holidays with us and they want to have the freedom to find happiness during the holidays as well. They want nothing more than for us to fully embrace our experience here.

This life is so short, we are not promised tomorrow. Our memories and connection are all that is taken with us when we leave this world. They want nothing more than to keep us connected and remember the deeper meaning of this life.

Our ancestors want us to know just how loved and supported we are here. When we take the time to connect with them they will show up in more ways than we know.

Love & Light,
Jenn Gilbreth