Four Ways We Hold Ourself Back From Angelic Connection

Jenn Gilbreth, host of the Blessed by Angels podcast, shares a personal experience with her grandmother during a difficult holiday season. She discusses the importance of connecting with loved ones in spirit and addresses common reasons for feeling disconnected. Jen emphasizes that everyone can connect with their ancestors and offers guidance on how to do so. She expresses gratitude for her listeners and encourages them to share the podcast’s messages with others.

4 Reasons We Are Disconnected From The Spirit Realm

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During a really tough time in life, I found comfort from my deceased grandmother Frances. In a meditation, I felt Frances come rushing to my side. I found myself sitting in a room stinging popcorn to hang on the tree. As I enjoyed spending this time with my grandmother I asked her the following question; “Grandma why do we feel so disconnected from our loved ones?”

She shared with me four reasons we keep ourselves disconnected; disbelief, not setting time aside, it is too painful, and not experiencing loss.


There are a lot of misconstrued beliefs about connecting to the spirit realm. In mainstream beliefs, it is looked down on in many ways. Demonizing and even discouraging personal spirit connection.

We were spirits before we came to this physical realm. When we leave this physical world, we are joined back into that same spirit realm. Having a spiritual connection is naturally and infinitely who we are. Having spirit connect is our natural state of being. Being disconnected is a way to keep the human race at a lower frequency. It is much easier to control if we have forgotten our natural essence.

We also tend to think that our loved ones are too busy or have more things to do on the other side than be with us. We are divinely connected to our ancestral realm. This means that they are us and we are them. They have no greater joy than helping us in this physical world.

There are times when the things that we are experiencing have direct links to what they experience.

They can offer us such great support. The greatest lie we can believe is that we are not worth or worthy of having a divine spiritual connection. This is just not so.


Over and over again during readings this message and confirmation has come forward, you are connected to your loved ones.

You are connected to the spirit.
You are connected to the divine in all shapes and forms.

It’s time to believe.

Believe in yourself.

Believe that you are worth their time and energy.

Believe that they are here to help you make the most of your human experience.

Not Setting Time Aside

Another reason why we feel so disconnected from our loved ones who have passed is that we are not setting aside the time for connection.

Just like any relationship, if we are putting time or energy into having a connection or even thinking about those individuals, that relationship strengthens. Every relationship requires effort. This is the same for the spirit realm as well. We also need to put time and energy into those specific relationships.

In a world where life can get so crazy and so loud, our loved ones are here to help us remember who we truly are. To do so, we must create the time for sacred experiences to happen. The more frequently you spend time creating sacredness in life… the stronger your connection to the spirit realm can become.

How can you calm your mind, open your heart, and experience divine connection?


It Is Too Painful

Time and time again, it is brought forward during readings that our loved ones want to appear and connect us in ways that feel safe to have a connection.

Our angelic support wants to show up for us in ways that are going to be helpful in our healing journey. Showing up in major ways as times can cause more pain or sadness.

There are times where we do have beautiful, big visitations, and other times they’re a little more subtle. This does not mean that they are not here or that they do not care about you. Many times we can get stuck in the comparison of how others have had divine connection or visitations.

Our loved ones want to show up for us in ways that help us heal and feel safe and secure. Regardless of how often others experience visitations, your angel team is working with you in custom ways designed specifically for YOU!


Haven't Experienced Loss

For those who have experienced significant loss, it feels more necessary to find a connection with the spirit realm. Many times having a connection allows healing to take place.

But for those who have not experienced loss, having a spiritual connection might not be at the forefront of the mind. Nothing is wrong with that. Many of us don’t have a desire or a need for divine connection.

It’s part of this human journey.

Often we forget to turn to a higher power unless things are tough and we need extra support. Our left ones want us to know regardless of what we are experiencing they are here to support us.

Whether that be navigating the waves of grief, battling with lies, or even inspiring us to make heart-centered decisions in our own lives. You don’t have to lose somebody to have a deep sense, a spiritual connection.

Your Angelic Team

Your Angelic Team

You have guides angels guardians, and all kinds of angelic support there to help you and to support and cheer you on in your human journey. Everyone has their own angelic to every single person in this world has angelic team cheer and to support you in this visit.

It was so beautiful being able to connect with my grandmother. I felt like her wisdom touched me to the very core.

I am forever grateful for these tender, and special moments that I can share with my deceased loved ones. I hope that this message can help you to connect deeper with your loved ones who have passed.

Whether it be of those that you knew or whether you connect to your animal allies, guides, guardians, or whoever it may be. I hope this podcast brings these messages to life and helps you connect deeper to your angelic support team.

Jenn Gilbreth

Your Angelic Team

Blessed By Angels

Are you interested in connecting to the spirit realm?

Have you felt there is more to life than what has been experienced?

Are you ready for a reading in which you will receive messages from beyond?!?

If you are feeling the call, this is an invitation to check out Jenn’s offerings to assist you.

During sessions loved ones come through offering validation and sharing messages of what they wish they knew in life and what they are learning now. Just as we would want to share with our family, I find they are very eager and excited to share with us.

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