Is Purgatory Real?

 Lets Explore The Light & Dark In The Spirit Realm

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Jenn Gilbreth hosts the Blessed by Angels podcast, where she delivers messages from beyond. She discusses the misconceptions and fears surrounding connecting with spirits. Jen shares her personal experiences of communicating with spirits and emphasizes that having a soul-to-soul connection is not wrong or unholy, but rather a matter of intention. She explores the light and dark aspects of spirituality and highlights the importance of setting positive intentions and creating sacred spaces for spiritual connections. 

Jen also talks about her encounters with earthbound spirits and how she helps them find acceptance and move forward in their journey. She advises listeners to be mindful of the energy they bring into their lives, as it can impact their spiritual connections. Ultimately, Jen reminds everyone that we are all divine beings connected to the spirit realm, capable of accessing our own guidance within ourselves.

Let’s be honest, I think that many of us are patterned to believe that the spirit world has a lot of darkness. Don’t get me wrong, there is darkness but there is also SO much light!


Often we suppress spiritual gifts because we are afraid of the dark. This fear might be rooted in a scary experience, excessive exposure to horror movies, or growing up in an unaccepting community. They may have been discouraged from sharing or discussing such experiences because they were deemed “weird” or “wrong” instead of normal.

As human beings, we go through a journey where we experience both light and dark. Recognizing and accepting this fact can help us understand our lives better. We have control over what we allow into our personal space. 

Society has taught us that having a spiritual connection is not a flow that we have access to, really, that we have to look towards somebody else or something else to guide us when 

The truth is… we have the answers within. 

Is Purgatory Real? Lets Explore The Light & Dark In The Spirit Realm

We are connected to the divine. 
We are divine. 
We are divine dust particles. 
We are that stardust. 
We are that magic. 

Divine Opposition

Duality is a law of the universe; there are opposites in all things. When connecting to the spirit realm there is light and dark. Empowerment and wounding. Positive and negative can be experienced.

Having that knowledge can change the illusion.

We all experience dark times in life. It is in those dark times what matters most illuminates the path. When we do not fear the dark, we own the superpower within.

There is a major disadvantage when we feed into the lie that sadness, addiction, negative thoughts, heaviness, darkness, and fear are always bad and wrong.

It can illustrate being human is sinful and wrong. This is simply not so. This doesn’t mean we need to focus on the dark. Being afraid of the darkness will attract the darkness. You become a product of your environment.

Is Purgatory Real? Lets Explore The Light & Dark In The Spirit Realm

If you listen to hard, heavy intense music, you may start to feel that essence surround you. The same goes for positivity and peace. If you surround yourself with resources that bring happiness; happiness is what you will receive in return.

This human experience is guided by love and fear, peace and chaos, and light and darkness. These contrasts offer us wisdom and direction.

If we approach situations with love, we can appreciate the lessons and opportunities available to us. We can then develop plans that align with our desires while allowing our minds to support our hearts.

We are an extension of the universe. When looking at the night sky there is a vast space of darkness surrounded by millions of bright stars. There can only be so much darkness before light appears again. This is true to our life here on earth.

There is light and dark in all things.

Divine Duality.

And, it was designed to be this way.

Blessed By Angels

Are you interested in connecting to the spirit realm?

Have you felt there is more to life than what has been experienced?

Are you ready for a reading in which you will receive messages from beyond?!?

If you are feeling the call, this is an invitation to check out Jenn’s offerings to assist you.

During sessions loved ones come through offering validation and sharing messages of what they wish they knew in life and what they are learning now. Just as we would want to share with our family, I find they are very eager and excited to share with us.

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