Cherishing Your Ancestral Heritage

In this podcast transcript, Jenn Gilbreth discusses the concept of generational joy and reconnecting with our ancestral roots. She emphasizes that connecting to our ancestors doesn’t always have to be about releasing trauma, but can also involve reclaiming our heritage and embracing the blessings passed down through generations. Jen shares her personal experience of feeling deeply connected to her Norwegian and Swedish lineages, which has brought her a sense of home and helped deepen her spiritual practices. She encourages listeners to explore their bloodline, traditions, and ancestral memory to find a greater sense of self and activate their generational joy. Overall, she highlights the importance of knowing where we come from as it helps us understand ourselves better and brings us back home to who we truly are.

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Welcome to the Blessed by Angels podcast. This message was inspired by a beautiful song called Irish Eyes by Rose Betts. I recently have been having a lot of this information come down about generational joy and how connecting to your ancient ancestors doesn’t always have to only be about releasing generational trauma. 

So often we think about connecting to the ancestors or doing healing as a form of generational clearing or trauma or releasing the bad. But there is so much good we receive from our lineage as well.

There is a call from ancestors as of late, this call is beckoning us back to our lineage and reclaim our roots. Stepping back into that essence of who we truly are. 

I came across this song and fell in love! It sparked a beautiful interest within me in an even deeper way in our ancestral realm. Let’s start by exploring the lyrics:

Cherishing Your Ancestral Heritage
“My mother says I have Irish eyesIrish eyes, Irish eyesMy mother says I have Irish eyesThey go ever so blue under stormy skiesBut they’re never so blue as when I let them cry
My father says I have English hairEnglish hair, English hairBrown like the bark of an oak somewhereLike the bed of a lake where the hemlock growsLike the thorn in the stem of an English rose
I’m a map of the world and the ones beforeOne foot in sea and one on shoreEvery step, every hope flung highI’m a map of them all with my Irish eyes”
-Rose Betts

Lineage Reclamation

This song brought me pure chills! As I dug deeper into the TikTok realm. People have been duetting this song, and they have been creating their version of the song. It was so beautiful to listen to the creativity. It also brought a deep reclamation of connecting to your roots, connecting to the ancestral realm in which you came from. We are not alone. We do come from our ancestral lineage. We have these bloodlines that are here for us. 

We chose to be in the bloodline that we are. That might be hard for us to fully understand. Some people don’t necessarily believe that, but I have come to strongly believe that we choose the lineage from which we came. Their stories lie within our bones. 

There is imprintation and memories and beautiful gifts of spirit, along with trauma that has been passed down from our bloodline to bloodline.  

Do we know the soil in which our ancestors walked to help us find a deeper sense of purpose, to help us own and know and be a part of this beautiful essence of life? I grew up very proud of my Norwegian heritage. 

My grandfather on my mom’s side is fully Norwegian, and my mom lived there for a while. We do a lot of Norwegian traditions throughout the year to just keep that memory and that honor alive. And I have always known who I am. 

Connecting To Your Roots

Even just having that one family lineage has brought such joy and such compassion and a sense of home. I know who I am because I know where I come from. And as I’ve expanded that to my other lines, it’s helped me to deepen my spiritual practices. It’s helped me to heal. But it’s also brought in this new reclamation of the gifts that have come along with it. 

Generational joy is passed down as well. I found myself working in an herb shop. And every time I came into the herb shop, it was like a layer of coming home. And it was like, activating. As I studied and learned about different herbs to help with different parts of the body, it was like I was reclaiming and reactivating. I could feel the cells in my body vibrating, moving shifting, and changing. As I was slowly learning these things, it was almost like I was reclaiming this deep wisdom that was humming and buzzing inside of me. 

A few months later, I came across some information about my great-great-great-grandmother. She spent so much of her time diving into the herbal lifestyle. No wonder I was feeling such a deep connection! I was accessing her wisdom as well! HOLY SMOKES!

Cherishing Your Ancestral Heritage

Ancestral Connection

How often do we look at our lineages and where we came from? Whether it be positive, or maybe our lineage went through some major suffering, all of that is part of our story. All of that lies within our DNA. It lies within the coding of our body. And we chose to be a part of these blood lineages. We chose to be a part of this chain. 

Chain sounds like a bad word, but these links together, and maybe it’s disconnected. Maybe there are family members. It’s like there’s just this whole splurge of energy, or maybe there’s addictions, or maybe there’s mental disorders. All these different things can show up, but it’s part of us being human. It’s part of us being here. And none of it is bad or wrong or heavy or negative. 

And so at this time, I invite you to just connect with yourself and to see, do you know where you came from? 

Do you know the traditions of your ancestors or your ancient ancestors? 

Or are you only living life by what you’ve been taught in the past couple of generations of who you are? And if that’s what you resonate with, then amazing. 

Cherishing Your Ancestral Heritage

Generational Joy

There are so many beautiful gifts that run within the the coding of our ancestors. Exploring the joy and gifts that are within your DNA are waiting to activated and reclaimed. These gifts of joy empowers us to live up to our true potential, rather than reliving the old patterns of our ancestors.  It provides an opportunity to really feel into our own ideas, dreams, and heart. Inviting us all to live a more fulfilling, heart centered life.

When we know where we came, you know where you are going…”

When we can learn to lean on our loved ones to help us. Life seems to get easier and fulfillment can be felt. We can look back and become aware of the past so we can have a clear and bright future… and the most amazing part about it… Our ancestors will help us heal the lines of those in past to better the future generations to come! We are all so deeply connected. We are one.

Cherishing Your Ancestral Heritage

Reconnect To Find Purpose

This is just an invitation to explore who and infinitely where you came from. Where does your blood lineage lie? What beautiful traditions can you start adding back into your life to celebrate the richness of what this life has to offer? 

We are one in spirit. Our heart, our body, our mind, and our soul are connected. And when we can reclaim those pieces, those generational joys, those little nuggets of sparks of life that have been passed down the generations, you will find a deeper sense of home, a whole different expression of who you are. 

But it all starts with getting to know your blood lineage, getting to know where you came from. Because where we know where we came from, we know where we’re going, it gives us a greater sense of home. It can activate this deep knowingness within. 

So if we feel lost, if we feel unheard, disconnected, dis attached, I invite you to take time to learn about where you came from, learn about your blood lineage. When we set time energy and attention to any matter, we bring awareness. An awareness brings connection. And the more we can be aware, the more we can be connected to who we came here to be. But also reclaim that wild side within us, the unapologetic aspects of who we are.