Tapestry of Connection (Message from Mom to Daughter)

Jenn delivers a message from mother to her daughter, acknowledging that she has been present in their life, even in small details. The mother compares her presence to a thread weaving into a blanket. She encourages the person to be more intentional in recognizing her presence and suggests taking time for activities like journaling or calling on her. The speaker also mentions that the mother approves of the person’s creative choices, such as changing their hair color, and encourages them to invest in things that bring them joy. Lastly, the mother urges the person to dream bigger and rely on something larger than themselves to achieve those dreams.

Tapestry of life:

I like to compare grief to an intricate tapestry of life. Every thread represents an emotion, a memory, a moment shared, and a love experienced. With each new chapter of life, this masterpiece is weaving together the strands of sorrow, anger, nostalgia, and even moments of unexpected joy.

Imagine my grief journey as the creation of a beautiful intricate tapestry. Each emotion, thought, and memory is a thread woven into the fabric of my experience. There will be threads that are bright and vibrant, representing moments of happiness and connection.

There will also be darker threads, symbolizing the depths of my sorrow and loss. When I step back to look at the tapestry as a whole, the duality of light and dark brings forth a flawless, unique, and perfect masterpiece. Just as a tapestry becomes more intricate and beautiful with each added thread, my grief journey gains depth and richness as I express my feelings. Every tear shed, every shared memory, and every conversation about my grief contribute to the evolving masterpiece of my experience.

Tapestry of Connection

Honoring my experience is not about erasing the pain of grief but acknowledging that it is an integral part of my story. It’s about recognizing that my grief tapestry is a reflection of the profound love and connection I had, and that by expressing my feelings, I am preserving and honoring the essence of what was lost.


Ways to Reconnect to Loved Ones

Reflection and Awareness:

You’re encouraged to take a moment to reflect on and truly appreciate the small details in life where you can feel the presence of your loved one. I invite you to be more intentional and conscious of these moments, allowing yourself to fully immerse in the memories they bring and the comfort they provide.

Whether it’s a gentle breeze that reminds you of their soothing presence or a familiar scent that instantly transports you back to cherished moments spent together, embrace these subtle yet profound connections with an open heart. By acknowledging and honoring these small but significant reminders, you can find solace and a sense of closeness to your loved one, even in their physical absence.

Journaling and Communication:

In your journey of coping with grief, consider the power of journaling and communication. You can write in your journal as a way to express your thoughts and emotions, and also actively call on your loved one to be present. This suggests that you have the ability to engage in a form of communication with them through your writing and intentional thoughts. By putting pen to paper, you create a space for dialogue with your loved one, sharing memories, expressing your feelings, and seeking guidance or comfort. Embrace this practice as a means of fostering connection and healing, allowing yourself to feel their presence and support as you navigate through the depths of your emotions.

Slowing Down and Quieting the Mind:

In your journey of grieving, it’s important to heed the advice of slowing down and creating a quiet space in your life. By doing so, you can become more connected and receptive to your loved one’s presence. The speaker advises you to take intentional steps to reduce distractions and the competing demands for your attention. In these moments of stillness, you may find that the connection with your loved one grows stronger.

Allow yourself the opportunity to quiet your mind and be fully present in the moment, opening yourself up to the subtle signs and messages that your loved one may be trying to communicate to you. Embrace this process as a way to deepen your bond with them and find moments of peace amidst the storm of grief.

Personal Expression and Self-Investment:

Your creative expression through changes in your appearance, particularly noting your hair. They want to encourage you to keep exploring and investing in things that bring you joy and a sense of commitment to yourself. Whether it’s experimenting with new hairstyles, trying out different colors, or purchasing items that make you happy, they believe it’s important for you to prioritize self-care and self-expression. Embrace the opportunity to express yourself authentically and boldly, allowing your outward appearance to reflect the vibrant and dynamic person you are on the inside. Remember, taking care of yourself and indulging in activities that bring you happiness is not only a form of self-love but also a powerful way to navigate through difficult times like grief.

Dreaming Big and Pushing Comfort Zones:

Our Angel Team sees potential in you and encourages you to dream bigger, to push yourself beyond your comfort zones. They believe that by stepping outside of practicality and embracing your desires, you can experience significant growth and change in your life. 

You’re invited to rely on something bigger than yourself, whether it’s your angels, a higher purpose, or a deep sense of faith, to help manifest your dreams. Trust in the power of your aspirations and allow yourself to pursue them with passion and determination. Embrace the journey of self-discovery and transformation, knowing that by daring to dream and reaching for the stars, you can unlock extraordinary possibilities in your life.

Blessed By Angels

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About This Page:

In the exploration of grief, this page serves as a guide for individuals seeking to understand and navigate the intricate connection between loss and spirituality. By delving into the concept of a tapestry of life, where every thread represents an emotion, memory, or moment shared, readers can find solace in recognizing the profound depth of their experiences. Additionally, the page delves into the spiritual realm, discussing how connections to departed loved ones and higher powers can provide comfort and guidance during times of grief. Through thoughtful reflection and exploration, readers are encouraged to embrace their grief journey as a transformative process, honoring the essence of what was lost while finding strength in spiritual connections.