Raising Children With Angelic Support

Jenn introduces herself as the host of the Blessed by Angels podcast, where she channels messages from the spirit realm. She shares a couple of experiences where she relayed messages from loved ones on the other side to parents about their children. One message was about helping hyperactive children channel their energy in positive ways, while another message focused on boosting a young girl’s self-confidence through crafting and acknowledging her achievements. Jen emphasizes that our loved ones in the spirit world want to offer love and support in caring for children and help them be true to themselves. She invites listeners to connect with their angelic realm and offers resources on her website for further exploration.

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One of my absolute favorite experiences when it comes to sessions is being able to relay messages from the other side about someone’s children or grandchildren, offering assistance. A lot of times, a parent is trying to help their children. They’re doing all that they can or all that they think they can do to be able to help their children have a great life, or maybe to overcome any challenges that they might experience. And it’s so refreshing to have their loved ones on the other side bring ideas or insight to a parent in a different way than they’ve experienced before. We view things in this way. We only have this vision. And those on the other side, it’s like their vision is broadened and they’re able to see and to understand a little bit more about what’s going on than maybe we experience. 

Exploring The Body

Now, when you’re in the moment of something, when maybe you have a kid who’s very hyperactive and is always jumping around, is always, go. And as a parent, it can be frustrating, like, okay, just sit down and be quiet. You’re too wild. I can’t handle it. Sit down and be quiet. A lot of times, I find that there are different commonalities within children, different kinds, different personality traits, or different things that children have to offer. 

So one that I love is experiencing the energy of a very hyperactive child, constantly getting in trouble, or moving. I had a grandmother come forward talking about her grandson to her daughter. Does that make sense? That was kind of confusing. So who was with me in the session? Who was experiencing the session was the daughter. 

Raising Children With Angelic Support

A Mothers Advice

Her mother had passed away. Now her mother was talking about her grandson. Okay, that makes more sense. And I could see this little boy, like, jumping up and down and even at dinner, like, not being able to sit in a chair. At school, always got in trouble because he couldn’t sit still. 

I was addressing all of these things that I was seeing, and she even addressed how he would not eat broccoli. He would just throw his broccoli and just hated it. And she said, like, yeah, last night we had broccoli. And I was so frustrated because he just had a rough day at school.

He wasn’t behaving at home. He wouldn’t eat his food. So she was just expressing like, that’s literally what happened to me last night. 

Her mother gave insight into how his body can be used for good. And a lot of times when someone is very hyperactive, it can be easy to want to shut down that activity or chemically change what’s going on within their body. And I’m not saying this is bad or wrong. 

I don’t have an opinion in that, per se, that I’m bringing forward or what her mother had offered her was, maybe you can help him learn to use his body positively, instead of saying, hey, sit down and shut up. Because that’s bringing forth shame of, like, well, I have all this energy, but it’s bad and it’s wrong. 

Raising Children With Angelic Support

In the future, that could lead to not being able to know how to use the body in a proper way as an outlet, and it could come forward with addictions, whether it’s food, sugar, soda, alcohol, drugs, anything like that could become a possibility if someone doesn’t know how their body can be used as a positive outlet versus a negative outlet. And so her mother was addressing, he’s very competitive. So maybe you make a chart, and it’s all about being able to break his record by using his body. So maybe it’s like, okay, you have 30 seconds, and let’s see how many jumping jacks you can do in those 30 seconds.

And then keep it up on the wall so that he can see his time or he can see those numbers, and he can learn to out-beat himself or learn to outgrow those first numbers. And so it’s learning to get off that energy or to blow that energy to get rid of it in a positive light, instead of maybe wanting to beat up the sister or be very active or very physical or get angry quickly. 

And so she even addressed how maybe you set up, like, an obstacle course, and you say, okay, this is the obstacle course for the week. I want you to practice this or whatever that looks like. But being able to push him in his body so that he can learn that is a positive outlet. And maybe that’s saying, hey, you have so much energy. 

“I love how much energy that you have. How about you go run five times around the house and let’s see how long that takes you.”

Now, as you can see, that could create very positive patterns within a child, within a kid at a young age. So that when they’re older, maybe if they have a stable job, or maybe they’re working in an office and they’re sitting down all day, it can become easy for someone to be very depressed and to lose the momentum within their body, which ultimately is a part of their self-expression.

So when we say sit down and shut up, it’s almost like we’re turning off that part of their self-expression. Then they do that within their life, and it’s easier to feel more heavy or to not feel as happy or fulfilled, because that big part of who that person is has been shut down. 

When they’re older and they work at a job, they sit at an office, they sit at a desk all day. If they’re able to see how their body can be a positive outlet, they might more frequently go to the gym or do a sport that they like to be able to reconnect to who they are and not become numb in life and just survive because they’re not being active. 

Life-Long Impact

Another experience that I had was as a mother. She had passed away when her children were young, and a stepmother had stepped in to raise her children. 

It was such a beautiful session, but she wanted to address how to help her children because the oldest daughter, I think was about twelve at the time, was starting to be a lot more critical of herself, a lot more quiet, and a lot more emotional. Like, you could just tell she was struggling a lot.

The mother expressed to the stepmother how it would be helpful to, as she was younger, her daughter loved being able to do crafts, being able to paint things and to draw things and to put things together.

She said, “maybe what you could think about doing is helping her have more crafting time.” She also addressed how her daughter was having a hard time feeling confident within herself. 

Give gave the idea,  “So maybe for 30 days, they have this tree on the wall, and she’s able to put each leaf, she’s able to decorate each leaf each day and write down three things that she loves about herself within that day.”

All of these amazing things about her, and being able to help her build her self-confidence and reconnect into what she loved to do when she was younger so that she could be able to re-experience that now. 

Raising Children With Angelic Support

She remembered who she was, and it wasn’t like she was forgetting who she was because she was trying to fit in with all of the people around her. There are so many ways to help our children.

It’s just looking outside of the box and being able to see, okay, even if they’re frustrating, what are their positive gifts? What are they here to accomplish? And part of their greatest gifts are also their greatest weaknesses.

So it’s being able to differentiate, okay, this is such a strong suit for them, but it can also have a negative impact. So how can I help them use that impact in a positive way versus having it be a negative way? It’s a lot more energy for a parent to notice, but it’s so much more rewarding in the long run. 

Offering Assistants

Our loved ones on the other side just want to offer love and assistance and support in knowing that those children are taken care of, that when they go to school or when they’re with friends, they always have protection around them. So a mother can only do so much or a father can only do so much in hoping for a child to be safe and knowing that they have angels around them to protect them, to help them within their life journey.

But also they love to give ideas and insight about how to help a child so that they don’t shut down and they don’t feel like they can’t be who they came here to be. I love working, like working with children and helping parents understand more about how to help children. 

It’s just so amazing to see how our loved ones want to offer so much support to our children because they know it’s such a big responsibility for their caretakers to be able to watch them take care of them and help them grow in a positive light. 

Raising Children With Angelic Support