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In subsequent sessions, individuals have expressed a preference for messages from animals over human ancestors. Whether from cats, goats, horses, birds, or others, these messages brim with love and profound insight, offering a unique perspective on life’s intricacies.

It’s fascinating to observe that, in addition to departed loved ones, we can establish connections with animals that have crossed over. These animal spirits continue to guide and support us, fostering a deeper sense of connection, lightness, and presence in the moment. This interconnectedness is both empowering and profoundly beautiful.

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Messages From Beyond

When conveying messages from animals, a recurring theme emerges: they often manifest as guardians, guiding us towards embracing the present, facilitating healing, and infusing life with joy. Animals inherently encourage us to slow down, prompting us to prioritize their care and leading us into nature, fostering an active lifestyle if we permit them.

In my initial experience delivering a message from an animal, a dog, I found myself unable to fully articulate its physical appearance. Nonetheless, the dog conveyed a profound sense of purpose, having supported its human companion through teenage abuse, a significant breakup, and the journey of falling in love and starting a family. The dog proudly acknowledged its role in anchoring its companion to the physical world, even in its absence, its spirit remained steadfast. Witnessing the transformative impact of this bond was truly remarkable.

Here are some steps to foster a strong connection:

  • Slow Down: Take the time to relax and be present in the moment. Animals are sensitive to energy, and being calm and centered will help create a conducive atmosphere for communication.
  • Meet Them at Their Level: Physically lower yourself to their eye level to establish a sense of trust and equality. This demonstrates respect and makes it easier for them to engage with you.
  • Offer Love and Affection: Show them genuine affection and care. Animals respond positively to love and will feel more inclined to communicate when they feel safe and cherished.
  • Express Love Verbally: Use soothing tones and gentle words to convey your affection. Let them know how much they mean to you and how cherished they are as part of your life.
  • Ask and Listen: Pose questions or express your intentions clearly, both verbally and mentally. Pay attention to the first thoughts or feelings that come to mind in response. Animals often communicate through subtle cues, so remain open and receptive to their messages.
  • Cultivate Connection: Foster a space of trust and understanding by consistently nurturing your bond with the animal. As they feel loved and heard, the connection between you will deepen, making communication more effortless.
  • Trust Your Intuition: Believe in your ability to communicate with animals. Trust the thoughts, feelings, or sensations that arise during your interactions. This intuitive connection is often the most authentic form of communication, transcending language barriers and reaching the heart of the animal’s spirit.

Healing My Heart

When I was young, I had a kitten named Jamie who was my closest ally. We shared countless adventures, romping through the backyard together as if exploring a jungle among the shrubs and leaves. However, tragedy struck just days before Christmas when Jamie darted out the front door and was tragically struck by a car. The loss left me utterly devastated, plunging me into profound sorrow in the days that followed.

In the aftermath, I resolved never to open my heart to another animal, believing the pain to be too much for my tender soul, especially as my allergies to animals began to manifest. Every encounter with dogs or cats would trigger swollen eyes and a constricted throat, reinforcing my reluctance to form bonds with pets for fear of inevitable loss.

However, after tying the knot, my husband broached the subject of bringing a canine companion into our lives. Despite my reservations, after numerous discussions, we finally welcomed the perfect little Goldendoodle named Murphy into our home.

From the moment Murphy arrived, I found myself instantly enamored, reveling in the joy of walks and training sessions with our new furry friend. Through our bond, I discovered a pathway to healing the wounds of my past. Three weeks later, feeling that Murphy needed a companion, we introduced Ozzie into our family, and since then, we haven’t looked back. Ozzie, our affectionate cuddle buddy, has brought immeasurable kindness, joy, and healing into our lives.

Spirit ANimals
Spirit Animals

We came here embrace this human journey fully. It is always good to remember that we are an infinite spirit having a human experience. We are a spirit before we come to earth and we are a spirit after we leave this earth. Having a spiritual connection and communication is our spiritual natural essence. Animals also have their own infinite spirit. Every animal has their own unique personality. They too are here having an earth experience. Therefore, we can communicate spirit to spirit.