How Do Angels Communicate With You?

In this podcast, Jenn Gilbreth, a professional medium, delved into the art of communing with the spirit realm. She began by sharing her perspective on the personal nature of everyone’s bond with their ancestors, underscoring the joy and alignment found through such connections. Jenn utilized her podcast platform to relay messages from spirits, offering guidance to her audience. The session was enriched with participants recounting their extraordinary encounters – from feeling a sense of fellowship at Pearl Harbor to stories of divine intervention offering angelic support to those in need. Jenn facilitated an open discussion where individuals shared signs from beyond, such as finding quarters, interpreted as reminders of angelic presence. 

This conversation highlighted the myriad ways people can connect with their spiritual guides and the spirit world. Concluding the meeting, Jenn inspired attendees to recognize and nurture their inherent capability to engage with the divine. She also directed listeners to her website for additional resources aimed at deepening their connections with the angelic realm or fortifying their spiritual relationships. Jenn’s closing thoughts celebrated the comforting knowledge that angels and ancestors are always nearby, providing guidance and support.

I believe that sharing and witnessing diverse perspectives on spiritual experiences can be transformative. These experiences may manifest in various forms, from a tangible presence affirming your worth to profound, soul-altering encounters. Our spirit guides are ever-present to offer guidance and support, and each individual’s connection with them is unique. Sharing personal spiritual experiences, however, can feel daunting due to societal pressures to keep such matters private. To embrace these experiences fully, let’s take a moment to ground ourselves.

It’s common for our thoughts to scatter, but by placing a hand over our heart and connecting to our core, we create a sense of cohesion and trust in our surroundings. I invite you to place your hand on your heart and vocalize four or five things that fill you with gratitude and joy.

Alternatively, feel free to share these in the comments. This act of acknowledgment helps foster a deeper connection and appreciation for the moments that enrich our lives.

Unlocking the power of personal spiritual encounters can be intimidating in a world that often prefers silence on such matters. But let’s change that. Take a moment to center yourself. Place your hand over your heart and feel grounded. Amidst the chaos of our minds, this simple gesture brings us together, fostering trust in our surroundings.