6 Things To Look For In A Medium

Do you find yourself intrigued about mediums but are unsure who to go to?

Do you want to meet with a medium but aren’t sure who is legit?

Truthfully, these are very inspired questions.

In the realm of mediumship, it is healthy to ask these kinds of questions. It is okay to be skeptical of who you work with. A medium connects into very private and intimate parts of your life. Meeting with a medium can be an amazing experience if you find a person who vibes right with you.

6 Things To Look For In A Medium

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Why Seek Out A Medium?

A medium, is a person who possesses the ability to connect with the spirit world. Mediums act as intermediaries, using their heightened sensory perception to facilitate communication between the living and the deceased. They may receive messages, visions, or auditory cues from spirits, conveying their wisdom, love, and guidance to those seeking connection.

Mediums are skilled in providing unique validation that serves as irrefutable evidence of their communication with a deceased loved one. This validation can come in the form of highly specific details, memories, or messages that only the recipient and their departed loved one would share. It goes beyond mere guesswork or chance, confirming the authenticity of the connection.

Through this validation, mediums offer a level of specificity that is often awe-inspiring. These specific messages serve a vital role in providing comfort, closure, and reassurance to those who seek their services. It’s not just a general sense of connection; it’s a tangible and personalized link to the spirit of a beloved family member, friend, or guardian.

Here Is a list of 6 Things To Look For In A Medium

1. A Reliable Medium will NOT ask for extra money to provide more information

The rate which you pay for your reading should be clear and upfront at the beginning. Do not be tricked by someone who asks for additional money in the middle of a reading to provide you with more information. A medium of light and love will deliver the message fully without asking more of you. A medium should never ask for more money to help someone stuck on the other side. It is important to know how long your reading/session will be along with the price for the amount of time.

2. A Medium Should Always Ask For Permission

A medium should always ask permission to connect with your loved ones. It is not appropriate if a medium shares insight without consent. A leader of love and light needs to know boundaries. Delivering messages is sacred and personal. Therefore, it should be treated with the highest respect. Not everyone is open to hearing from their loved ones. Without permission, this can cause more damage than healing if someone isn’t ready.

*If you have set up an appointment, this action shows you have given consent.


3. A Trusted Medium Should Not Make False Claims

We are all human. Regardless of what profession one is in. It is cause for concern if a medium claims to be 100% accurate all of the time. They may also have off days. At times, a medium may have to reschedule an appointment if they aren’t feeling fully aligned. This is a good sign. You do not want a message that is only half capacity.

A real medium will be open and honest about both the good and the bad that comes up during a reading. If a loved one is stuck or struggling they will let you know. A real medium will not only voice what is going on but call on archangels and others of light being to help in assisting in your loved ones’ healing. When leaving your session you should be left with a sense of hope, light, and love.

4. A Reliable Medium Is Centered In Love & Light

A medium centered in love and light is someone who is here to help transmute the darkness into light. A medium centered in love, light, and healing is going to provide you with a space of safety, truth, and openness. They will not claim they have all the answers.

They surrender and submit to the spirit and bring through me hay is being shared in a way that lifts rather than pulls down. It is important to listen to your heart. Are you feeling heavy, light headed, is right hard to breathe? Do you have a pressure in your chest? This might be a sign this medium isn’t for you.


5. A Trusted Medium Shares Accurate Validation

You must have a validating experience during your session with a medium. There are many ways this validation can come forward. To name a few validating points; images, memory, personality, how some passed, a smell that reminds you of someone. Don’t take their word for what is being shared, the most important aspect is how it feels within your heart. You should not have to scrape or try to make what is being shared make sense.


A Credible Medium Will Encourage Self-Confirmations

A medium should help you see and understand you have answers within. You should always be invited to take everything with a grain of salt. Pray and ask for confirmation of what has been shared. A real medium should help you find ways to connect with your ancestors on your own. The purpose of a medium is to deliver messages and help you reconnect within to draw on answers for yourself. You should leave with proper tools, should you choose to, to have personal interactions with your loved ones.

6 Things To Look For In A Medium

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When looking for a medium, these 6 ideas can help you confidently find the right medium for you. It is extremely important to trust what you are feeling within. You should always take everything with a grain of salt that is being shared. Question what is being shared. Focus on the truth and feelings you are experiencing within. Meeting with a medium can be an amazing experience if you find a person who vibes right with you.