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What Is Included In A Session?

Google Meet Video Call:

 A Reading typically will last anywhere between 60-90 minutes. The intention during a session to dedicate whatever time and energy to share these messages spirit has to offer. Feeling stressed or suppressed on time takes away from the flow of what spirit has to offer.

Video & Audio Replay

Upon completion of your reading, you will receive a link to download your session audio. With all that is being shared, it is easy to forget important details. Recording also allows you to relax and take everything in instead of worrying about taking notes. (NOTE: After 30 days, these links will NO longer be available. This gives you plenty of time to download and save your session) 

Interactive Digital PDF

This will be emailed to you upon signing up for your session. This interactive PDF offers:

      • How to best prepare for your reading.
      • Tools to use after your reading
      • Additional resources to strengthen your personal connection to spirit. 
      • Three Online Guided Meditations-pre-reading heart opening, meeting your ancestors, and signs from spirit. 

*If you are interested in someone else joining in on your reading this can be done at check out for an additional fee. Sessions with multiple people getting a reading tend to take longer and require more energy.


During a session, we will start by addressing what I experienced as we connect to our loved ones. If you have any questions before we can address them at that point. Upon any questions, we will get started. I close my eyes take a few deep breathe in… at that point, our angels started to connect in.

Every session is unique, angels come through in different ways every time. However, there are a few common experiences that occur:

  • Feelings/Emotions: personalities are carried over to the spirit realm. At times, angels personalities show up as they were in this physical realm. It offers comforting and strong validation.
  • Knowing: Many times it is a knowing that comes to mind. It feels as though it is a fact I have known forever. 
  • Visual: Since I am a very visual person, they tend to communicate with me through visuals. It is like watching a video in my mind. It can be anything from a memory to an analogy giving amazing life lessons.
  • Physical: It is common to feel what someone went through physically before or leading up to their passing. For Example, If someone had heart failure, I might be brought to feeling pains in my heart. 

Our angels are excited to share messages of light with us. Most of the time many angels show up in each session. I typically do not ask who someone is wanting to communicate with. Most of the time those angels will show up.If however, there is someone you are hoping to hear from you may bring that up if you desire.

A common question many have, What If My Angels Don’t Show Up? Jenn with Blessed By Angels this concern in this video. It is not typical for no one to show up for a session. If things are not flowing properly or I feel there is a hesitation, We will postpone our session and try again. I take connecting to your loved ones with great respect therefore I want to fully be aligned to bring the proper messages through.

You are more than welcome to take notes during a session. I do record the session giving you the ability to re-listen to it when you feel the need. This allows you the freedom to be fully present during your session.

There are times I feel a random person’s loved one around. However, I have set boundaries because I love helping others connect to their loved ones but I also want to spend time living my life. If I feel a very strong pull to talk to someone I will. Before delivering a message (scheduled or unscheduled) I always make sure I have permission to do so.

I have come to know that God, a higher power, or higher self consciousness speaks to each of us differently. I have sessions with people of all different beliefs (religious or nonreligious) The Spirit realm relays the message, “It is all about love and who we are becoming.”

I have deep respect for everyone on their walk of life. Our angels want to support us in finding ways to connect to our spirit. And it does look differently for everyone. Spirit provides a judgement free zone.

Everyone has been given certain gifts and talents. A doctor has been given a gift, an accountant may have a gift of numbers, my gift happens to be in the spiritual realm of life. It takes a lot of energy and a certain lifestyle to be able to do sessions. I have dedicated my time to sharing this gift and helping as many people as possible.

I believe deep down everyone has the ability to connect to their loved ones who have passed on, it just comes easier for some. Many people have experiences then doubt or disbelief set in. I teach others how they can connect to their loved ones and learn to trust their experiences. We are all on a spiritual journey, no one is greater than another.I have a free online course that has the basics of what I wish I knew when getting started. 

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