Childlike Love

Children come with their hearts wide open. They are not afraid to love deeply, cry when they are sad, forgive in seconds, and most of the time listen to their heart’s call without hesitation. They know who they are and constantly live in the present moment. It is hard not to feel the magic of life when you see a child fully embracing the moment. We so quickly lose sight of that innocence as we grow. It is ingrained within society and our DNA to look to others for approval. This is where wounding takes place and conformity sets in. We forget who we are, the power we have within, and the love and light we naturally come connected with. We are here to remember who we truly are. As we are brought back to our hearts as adults, childhood healing always plays a factor; doing the work brings childhood wonder and magic to life.

Safety In Validation

As I was meeting with a woman, She felt concerned with a new relationship she had entered in. Her best friend had passed away and a couple years later, she married her  husband. She felt unsure if her best friend would approve.

Instantly, her best friend brought me to when they were little girls; jumping on the trampoline, playing water games, having picnics, playing crack the egg, and having sleepovers.

It was their safe place. On this trampoline they could laugh and be free. All of them grew up together. He too had fond memories of that same trampoline. In fact, many times they, as a couple, have reminisced of childhood memories on that trampoline.

It was a validation that as long as they are happy, she supports whatever decision that they make.

She just wanted them to be happy.

Freedom Of A Child

Children find excitement in the smallest of ways; a plane flying by, a balloon bobbing on a string, or even swinging at a park, Children are just excited to experience all that life has to offer.

A grandmother shared a message with her granddaughter. She showed me a sweet little girl learning to ride a purple bike. It took a lot of practice. No matter how many times she fell, she would get back up and keep trying. I could see the process of her growth riding that bike. I was then brought to an instance of her grandmother looking out the front window in anticipation.

A smile stretched across her face as she saw the little girl flying down the road on that purple little bike; her hair flying in the wind with eyes full of excitement and wonder. Grandmas was there to greet her with a huge hug.

My client went on to talk about the freedom she had on her bike. She would be so excited to ride her purple bike to grandmas house.

When children get knocked down, they don’t stay down for very long. Inside they know that there is more. Not only that, but they expect more out of life.

I am writing this blog, I keep being brought to a personal childhood memory. Two of my best friends and I lived in a circle. One evening we started to fight. I sat on my driveway feeling sorry for myself.

The two girls would ride their bikes around the circle, each time they passed me they would say something they didn’t like about me. I felt so hurt inside. However, the next day, we were all best friends again.

Children forgive so purely and easily

We can learn to live with wonder and awe as we follow the example of children. We ourselves have personally experienced such a life.

The older we get, the more and more life seems to weigh us down. However, during readings spirit reminds us of the wonder and awe that we deserve in a limitless life where the expectations of others around don’t define us.

They are great examples that emulate Christlike love and forgiveness.

A Million Dreams

The song “A Million Dreams” from The Greatest Showman is the perfect example of the wonder and awe children experience and expect out of life. Spirits reminds us that we can live with such wonder.

We just need to take the time to remember how it felt. By bringing up memories from the past, gateways open to re-experience and create new feelings of wonder and awe.

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