Finding Peace With Passing

Not everyone has the opportunity to say goodbye before a loved one passes away.

My heart goes out to all those who struggle with deep recurring guilt and regret. I wanted to touch on some common regrets regarding a loved one’s passing. This is my understanding and my personal experience when it comes to connecting and sharing angel messages.

I can’t stop thinking about them being alone when they passed.

Many have been concerned their loved ones were completely alone leading up to their passing. There comes a heavy and sick feeling thinking that our loved ones were completely alone leading up to their passing.

I cannot express how many times this has come up during a session. It is common to constantly have our physical mind bring us back to those last moments. Creating a heavy and dense experience connected to someone’s passing.

Maybe someone was left alone for an evening, or a major fall occurred,, maybe there was too much of a substance surging through the body.

Regardless of what someone experienced leading up to their passing… I can assure you they were never alone.

There are many stories told of a person close to death sharing and talking about relatives who have passed being in the room. There is no difference for those who pass with no one physically around leading up to their passing.

They experience being welcomed back to spirit with loved ones, family members, and close friends. They are never alone. They have support in spirit helping to transition out of the body smoothly. Never leave them alone, worried, or afraid.

Finding Peace With Passing

Did they suffer?

When it comes to channeling messages from those who have passed, each person’s experience leading up to their passing is so unique and different. To answer this question I wanted to share a few experiences.

Male in a car accident and passed in the ambulance: “Even though my body was in so much pain, my spirit stayed strong. It was as if my spirit was still connected to my body but I wasn’t attached to the pain my body was going through.”

A woman who battled cancer for a year: “Yes my body was in major pain however when I look back I don’t remember the pain.

(For those who have been pregnant, you might remember how uncomfortable it was but forget just how uncomfortable it was or you might not want to go through pregnancy again.)

The pain was a part of my journey but it doesn’t define who I am.

A Grandmother on hospice: She acknowledged that she was in and out of her body for a couple of days before passing away. “I was in and out of my body. At times it felt like I wasn’t in my body but I was still with my body. I wasn’t ready to let go, I wanted to spend more time with my family in the physical form.”

Was there something else we could have done?

When receiving confirmation of the choices made leading up to someone’s passing I see a weight being lifted. Our loved ones never want their death to be an anchor or heavy-set holding us back.

They see our perspective and feel the intent of our hearts. Most of the time we are all doing the very best we can in touchy and vulnerable circumstances.

Blame or should of, could of, would only hold both parties back from experiencing peace and transformation.

Understanding and experiencing the peace our loved ones feel in their passing will also help make this subject feel lighter.

I recommend taking time to talk out loud or write on a paper your thoughts and feelings connected to a loved one’s passing.

Giving yourself full permission to experience all the emotions permitting you to release what no longer is helping you heal.

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