Unexpected Loss Of An Adult Child

Jenn Gilbreth, the host of the Blessed by Angels podcast, shares a personal experience of connecting with a deceased daughter who wanted to reassure her mother that she was okay. The daughter expresses relief from the pain and illness she experienced in her physical body and emphasizes that her passing has allowed her to be free and joyful. She encourages her family to find joy in their lives and not define themselves by their struggles or circumstances. The daughter also discusses the importance of taking ownership of one’s life, embracing authenticity, and releasing stress and fear. She assures her mother that she will always be with her as a source of support and love.

Unexpected Loss Of An Adult Child

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Message Of Happiness

There are times we do not get to say goodbye to our loved ones. That is one of the toughest things to navigate. It has been a very tender subject for many parents who have lost children early. It is a whole different level of grief, a whole different level of how one lives life after such a devastating loss.

 I had an experience where I came across a mom who had lost her daughter. The mom didn’t even have to mention anything because as soon as she walked in, her daughter was right by my side, yelling in my ear.

“Tell my mom I’m okay. Tell my mom I’m okay. My mom is lost, she missed me so much. She needs to know I am happy, painful, and I am healthy! Tell my mom! Tell my mom!”

Not only was her angel daughter intensely yelling in my ear, I instantly felt all the pain and stress she experienced in her life. She had a lot of illness and information in her body. I could tell she had undergone many surgeries and relied on her painkillers to make it through the day. It was all so overwhelming.

Message Of Happiness

Having that been acknowledged, so often in this physical world, we can get into such a tight position where if our body’s not doing well or if we don’t feel good, it can almost overtake us. 

Her daughter, let’s call her Lilly, had so much to share, that I began sharing her message.

She acknowledged that there were many times that she maybe felt like a victim because of her body and because of the pain. Trying different medications helped ease the suffering. But it just felt like overall, her body wasn’t well, and it was hard for the mom to watch. 

“Mom, I know it was hard to try to offer help and support. You were worried about the cycle I fell captive to. My body was so sick. Everything hurt. I lost hope at some point. I want you to know I am pain-free. I wish you could see how beautiful and happy I am.”

Message Of Freedom

She expressed the relief she had now that she passed. She emphasized her joy wasn’t about being away from the family, but that she was happy to be pain-free now. She very much so missed spending time with all her family members.

When someone is struggling or they have a lot of heaviness in their body, I tend to see it’s almost like this heavy shell. And then as they step out of it’s like all of a sudden you can see this spirit getting big and bright and being able to move and to navigate pain-free. The pain was part of her human body experience. knowing that this body is, yes, we are in this body, and it is what we are experiencing right now, but infinitely, it does not define who we ultimately and truly are, which can be a hard concept to understand at times. 

And I just kept hearing her say, “Tell my mom I’m okay! Tell her I don’t have any pain. I can play softball again. I can run, I can leap, I can play soccer like I always loved to do. I can climb to the top of the waterfalls in Hawaii when the family goes on hikes. I will be at the beach running in the sand with the little kids. I can finally be even more present than ever before!”

Message Of Happiness

“Mom, I want you to have a good life. And I know that this sorrow feels so overwhelming right now, but I want you to know that you’re strong enough and that I’m here for you. And I am learning just as you are, and we are learning together. And I want you to know that I am so grateful for you, so grateful that you held such a beautiful space for me, and that you loved me unconditionally. It is my turn to do the same for you.”

Listen To The Full Message

At the closing of our time, I could see Lilly wrapping her mom in lavender to calm and soothe. “It’s time to let go of the things that don’t serve you. It’s time to let go of the should, would, or could have with my passing. You are not responsible for my passing. Even though it’s really difficult to understand. You have such a beautiful part of my heart and my soul forever and always.”

Blessed By Angels

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