Learning From The Regret Of Those Who Have Passed

Jenn introduces herself and her podcast, where she channels messages from loved ones on the other side. During sessions, she often receives messages about lessons or advice that the spirits wish they had known during their human lives. She shares examples of a father who regretted not using his hands more and encouraged his daughter to be creative, as well as a grandmother who helped her granddaughter overcome her fear of speaking up. The spirits want to help us heal and live more powerfully in this physical realm. Jen invites listeners to connect with their angelic support team through resources on her website.

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Regrets About Life Choices

Now, when I meet with people, a session generally is an hour to an hour and a half. Now, a lot of people think, wow, that’s a long time. What even goes on within that time frame or what even happens in that long amount of time? And I find it very common for our loved ones on the other side to want to be able to share validation, of course, offer love, offer support. 

But one of the big things is it’s almost like I see them look back at their human experience here, and they want to offer lessons or advice upon things that they wish that they would have known, or things that maybe they really enjoyed within life, or things that they look back and see how they could have experienced more of something within their lives if they were able to just overcome their limiting beliefs or their limitations that held them back.

 So a lot of times they want to address those limitations, and they want to offer support of how to apply that within that person, within the relative’s life now. So, for example, I had a session, I believe it was last week, with a woman who had a father pass away. 

Learning From The Regret Of Those Who Have Passed

The Use Of Hands

So in the session, this father came forward, and I just kept seeing his hands. So I said, did he use his hands a lot? There’s something with using his hands. And this was when he was addressing things that he was learning on the other side. And she said, well before he passed, he talked about how he regretted not being able to use his hands more. 

He spent a lot of time in an office versus doing things with his hands. And so his message was, he kept saying, like, it’s so important to be able to find things that you use your hands with, to be able to do creative things, whether that be drawing or painting or building birdhouses, things that you can use your hands with. 

And he also acknowledged being able to create, because your spirit is here to create when we tap into our creative side. So maybe a musician or maybe someone who’s painting or maybe an editor, a lot of times they call, like, when you’re in the flow, it’s when you’re in this creative mindset.


 And time goes by so quickly, everything stands still, and it’s almost like time is nonexistent. And you could look at the clock and it’s like 4 hours later, and all of a sudden you’re like, where’d my time go? But you’re in the flow. You’re in the Zen of creating in the process, and that’s when your spirit is the most alive. It’s in the process of creating. It’s the flow. It’s when everything is just coming and going, and there’s no limitations there. 

He addressed how he was acknowledging for her that it was important for her to create and to create with her hands. Now, this was a big thing for him because he wished that he would have spent more time creating. And so this is just one example of how they might share insight about things that they wish they could have done differently or things that they see could be beneficial for that person who was meeting with me to be able to improve their life.

Another example is I had this grandmother come forward and I was being blocked in my throat, and I acknowledged and I said, do you know if she had a hard time being able to talk or be able to speak what she needed to? 

Silent No More

Yes. And then I was able to see the history or the childhood of this grandmother. Not being able to speak up, living in a big family, and not feeling like her voice was heard. And so it was easier for her just to show up and do the things that were required of her versus being able to speak and share her truth. 

And so for her, she was acknowledging how her granddaughter also has this fear of being able to speak, being able to share what she needed. And it showed up in many relationships that she’s had. It showed up within. She wasn’t in a relationship at the moment, but in the last relationship, she felt like she lost who she was because she wasn’t able to speak her truth. 

So she was terrified that it was going to continually happen because of what she experienced in that first relationship. So her grandmother was able to relate to that and say, hey, here are some activities or here are some exercises so that you can learn to speak your truth. 

And a lot of times it’s being able to stand on your own to know what your truth is before you allow someone else into your space, so you can stand with what you feel is powerful for you instead of dishwashing what someone else expects you to be able to be or to do and to not say. So it was just amazing to be able to have her relate to, okay, I experienced this. I know you’re experiencing this. 


And it felt like sometimes when you want to say something and you feel like there’s a frog in your throat or you feel like there’s a lump and you just can’t speak. And so she gave ideas about being able to be in the car and to sing, to open that up. Maybe it’s a humming exercise or breathing out loud, opening up this throat-way.

Sometimes, maybe we’re not ready to speak yet, but we need to be able to understand ourselves, and what we’re filling. And so maybe writing out what you’re filling or creating a poem or drawing and just allowing yourself to experience your thoughts so that you will be able to speak your truth. 

She addressed how within work, this woman had a lot of conflicting things that she needed to address, but she didn’t dare to be able to do that. And I just remember seeing her granddaughter be like, so in shock with how specific of what was going on at work that was related to not being able to speak her truth. And it was as if her grandmother experienced that, her mom experienced that she was experiencing that. And so we have things that are also brought down through the line that they want to bring up. 

So as we’re aware of it, as we bring attention to it can also be healed in the past generations, as well as those who are present, along with the future generation as well so these are just a couple of messages that have come through during sessions from our loved ones on the other side to really give advice, insight, understanding about maybe what they loved one experienced or what they wish they could have experienced more and giving us that insight, that understanding so that we can live our life more powerfully. 

And when we look back, when we pass at our time in this physical realm that they can express and to see, like okay, I did that. I wanted to do that. I wanted to reclaim that truth. 

Our loved ones on the other side, only want to bring forth messages to help us heal, to move forward, as well as for them to be able to share insight that they wish that they could have experienced or how they could have made more of their time here in this physical realm. 

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During sessions loved ones come through offering validation and sharing messages of what they wish they knew in life and what they are learning now. Just as we would want to share with our family, I find they are very eager and excited to share with us.

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